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Blog Statistics if a post goes viral (Image)

The last 3 days, I was lucky that one of the posts on our Travel Blog went viral.

The post that went viral was the following: A colourful place to visit: Bucharest, the Capital of Romania

Written by Ana Tepsanu and Iulia in 2012
I can only state that I am proud I work with them:)

Why, after 1 year this article went viral, we have no clue, and trying to figure it out. Something happened on Facebook, as we had more then 10.000 visitors coming from Facebook.

Anyway, we host our blog on WordPress and we had a rather stable number of visitors, but this is how it looks like when the article went viral.

Travel Blog Goes Viral Statistics

Follow a group of young entrepreneurs starting up a new Open Tourism Platform/Search Engine

YabbedooI am involved in the project.  The project is a startup of a new Tourism/Travel platform.   It is a big challenge, as many websites and search engines are available. 

After talking to many people within the business and with internet users we have found that our idea can work and is rather different than the existing websites.

Therefore Bert and I decided to take the risk and invested money, time and expertise in the project.

What is Yabbedoo?
For travelers: Yabbedoo will a new way to plan your holiday.
For tourism professionals: Yabbedoo will be a new way to connect to your (future) customers.

Follow the startup
The Yabbedoo Team has created a blog,, that will write about the challenges, problems and much more during the startup. 
At regular occasions we will explain more what the project is about, what we are doing and much more….

How can you help?
Please feel free to have a look at the Yabbedoo Blog and subscribe to follow up the bog by Email or RSS.  The team will not blog everyday, so you will not be spammed :)  But it will be a great motivation for them.

Be free to give comments and ideas which features you like or like to see when preparing for you (needed) holidays or to promote your tourist related company

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