Many great ideas exists on the Internet to promote your travel Agencies, some free, some with a commission, others with a fixed membership.   The difficulty is to find out where to spent time and money.

With our Platform we had the same issue, our members, before paying, they wanted to see numbers, understand the risk, the investment etc.  and of course we gave them those information like every Sales person does.  beautiful numbers

But then again, we all know we love to present beautiful numbers and I wanted to offer something different. a way my Sales team don’t have to call every day to persuade you to become member.

Therefore we created an online real time statistic page, with information on our platform + the growth. This way our future members can have a look how we are growing without listening to our sales talk:)

View it live on you even get information about how many more deals, subscibers are added since your last visit. (Do the test and come back a few hours later)

How do you like this page?  Would you like to see this more from other suppliers?  Would this help to become member or buy a service online when the service offers more real time transparency?

Do you know other companies who opens their statistics in Real Time ?