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Fun Facts of Ethiopia

Travel Fun Facts of Ethiopia

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1. Ethiopia is almost twice the size of Texas.

2. It is the birthplace of coffee and they have official coffee ceremonies in the home. If you are offered coffee, it is very rude to decline. (what am I going to do?)

3. They claim the final resting place of the Ark of the covenant at a chapel in the holy city of Aksum, which used to be the capital of Ethiopia. 4. Ethiopia has 63 airports. Only 17 of them have a paved runway. YIKES, I hope we pick the right one:) 5. Often women feed the men with their fingers as a mark of love and devotion to them. 6. There are 13 months in the Ethiopian Calendar. Each month has 30 days and the last month has only 5 or 6. New Year is celebrated on September 11th and they are almost eight years behind our western calendar.

7. Homes are a traditionally a round hut called a Tukul. The floor is dirt, the walls are either sticks and/or mud, and the roof is made out of a long grass called Tef. Families like to use magazines or newspapers as “wallpaper” in their homes.

8. Traditionally, parents and children do not share a last name. Most kids take their father’s first name as their last name.

9. Did you know that a large portion of the Ethiopian population claims descent from King Solomon of Jerusalem and Makeda, the queen of Sheba? 10. Ethiopian television consists of just one channel. (Glad we are not taking Adrian:)


5 easy tips for your business website

Website, it is your business card of your business, most of the people find your company via search, meaning online.

They don’t search because they love you, they search because they want information, to find you. So make sure they find you.  Once they are on your website you need to be sure you make there life as easy as possible to contact you.

I am working a lot with the Travel Industry (via and I also have a Spa/Beauty Salon which has to focus on locals.  This are 5 tips I gave to our clients, 5 tips I surprised not everyone was using them.

1. Make your Phone number easily visible and in  International format

Nowadays, locals and foreign visitors, you never know who is who.  Certainly when you are based in a city.  When people are searching, for whatever reason, you never know if they are locals or visitors.  Make sure they can contact you in an easy way by using the international format of your phone number. (don’t expect they will search for the country code themselves)

Ex. +41 (0)22-328.06.08   (This number is understandable for locals and visitors)


2. Show an accurate address

Normal no?  Well several times I found business not giving the address of the entrance, but from the Head office, or forgot the number, etc. People are using GPS devices, so an accurate address gives less stress to your (future) clients.  Make the life’s of your clients easy Don’t be afraid to add the country aswell, AND certainly the postcode (zip code)


3. Links to Social Media should open in another tab

Yes, because if you open your Twitter Account in the same window as your website, the client is leaving your website and who knows if your client loves your Twitter account. Add to your Links in the code  target=”_blank” . This keeps your website open for the client, and it can have an influence on your statistics aswell.


4. Title Tags

Shoot your designer if he/she added Home or your company name.  The Title Tags should be unique, should have keywords related to the page: Ex. Home doesn’t mean anything, all websites in the world have a Homepage:) So add the keywords people are looking for. You know your industry, so you know the vocabulary , give it to your designer and let him change it. Extra You can use Google Webmaster Tools to analyse your title tags, duplicates etc.

5.  Mobile & Flash

Yes I know, many people wrote about this, but have you ever tried to watch your website on a mobile device?  Many websites where created many years ago, so without mobile in the mind. Changing them now is cost and time consuming.  But when your website is not adapted to mobile and you can’t see the video’s, animations, even the information. I am sure the visitors will not be clients Several tools are available to convert Flash to Youtube.  I just hope your website doesn’t depends on Flash, like menu etc. This last tip is maybe the most expensive one of all previous ones, but certainly a must to think of it.

Many of you will laugh with this post, aswell as I laughed when me and my team analysed thousands of websites.  For each tips we have found at least 10-15 websites.

The worst we found was a hotel chain with no Addresses of their 25 hotels, only + central reservation number and a text of 25 lines how to get there (and it was in Europe).

Check your website and change if needed, it will help.  What other tips can you give other readers ?


Follow a group of young entrepreneurs starting up a new Open Tourism Platform/Search Engine

YabbedooI am involved in the project.  The project is a startup of a new Tourism/Travel platform.   It is a big challenge, as many websites and search engines are available. 

After talking to many people within the business and with internet users we have found that our idea can work and is rather different than the existing websites.

Therefore Bert and I decided to take the risk and invested money, time and expertise in the project.

What is Yabbedoo?
For travelers: Yabbedoo will a new way to plan your holiday.
For tourism professionals: Yabbedoo will be a new way to connect to your (future) customers.

Follow the startup
The Yabbedoo Team has created a blog,, that will write about the challenges, problems and much more during the startup. 
At regular occasions we will explain more what the project is about, what we are doing and much more….

How can you help?
Please feel free to have a look at the Yabbedoo Blog and subscribe to follow up the bog by Email or RSS.  The team will not blog everyday, so you will not be spammed :)  But it will be a great motivation for them.

Be free to give comments and ideas which features you like or like to see when preparing for you (needed) holidays or to promote your tourist related company

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