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The most common mistake to avoid related to Gift Cards

Orginal post on Gift Voucher Kiosk

We talked to thousands of merchants all over the world as we are promoting our gift card (free) solution.
Of course, we are analyzing and listening to those merchants and we discovered that far too many business owners see Gift cards as a simple alternative to paper gift certificates. Most of them invested in a cloed loop Gift Card system and end up very dissapointed and don’t push their Gift Card program.

We also found out that those merchants have nothing in store that would alert customers that they have a gift card program, they don’t promote their gift card system in connection with any other form of communicating like newsetters, direct mailings, newspaper ads, ect.. they don’t make gift cards part of the company culture.

It is no coincidence that all mayor big players incorporate gift cards into every aspect of their business. They make Gift cards part of every marketing campaign and make sure in-store it is visible. It is part of their company culture and this is why gift cards are one of their more successful and cost-effective customers acquisition and retention tools.

5 Ideas to promote your gift cards and acquire more clients

  • Direct Email Include always a link to to offer a gift voucher in your direct email with a client (also in replies)
  • Website Make sure a link to offer a gift voucher is well present (on top93% of consumers said they intend to purchase Gift Cards within the next year) of the website. We see to often a link at the bottom of the website but Gift Cards generate sales and new clients, why would you hide it?
  • Window You store isn’t open 24h a day and your customers don’t always have time to enter your store, so make sure you add publicity on the window so people know you offer gift vouchers online
  • Waiting room, Dressing room, Cash registry, Toilets Every place in your store, spa, restaurant,… where people have to wait, make sure they see that guide them to your Gift Cards
  • Social Media: Why not regularly promote your Gift cards via Twitter Facebook, instagram, Google+….. Make sure in the About on Facebook you add a link to offer Gift Certificates


  • Studies shows that people actually spend 30% more when using a Gift card, this is known as uplift (or up selling)
  • 93% of consumers said they intend to purchase Gift Cards within the next year
  • Birthdays and Winter Holidays are the top occasions for Gift Card giving
  • What is your excuse not to push Gift Cards more?
    Have a look at for more details on how we can help you. We offer a solution where we only take a very small commission when you sold gift vouchers. (Yes very small, we don’t talk about 25% r 50% or more, but much less, we are not Groupon)

    2 Marketing Tips with Gift Cards

    Gift cards are benefical for consumers and for you as business owner.

    Why do people offer gift cards?
    First, people do offer gift cards because they love to give something the recipient loves. A gift card makes this simple.
    Second, people do offer gift cards, when they can buy it online. No traffic jams, no waiting list, no trouble finding parking places etc.
    Third, this is what we saw in our statistics of Gift Voucher Kiosk, people offer gift cards to their friends and family from abroad. Like expats.
    There is no way they come to your business personally due the distance. And sending a gift is expensive and trouble. Will it arrive, if so, will it be broken etc…

    How to promote and use the power of gift cards?

    When you sell a popular product or service, when this product or service is out of stock, create a gift card display for this item.
    When clients enter your store, and they find out the article is sold out, you can persuade them to buy a gift voucher.
    In case you have a date when the article will arrive again, let them know

    This is an easy one, and I do hope you already implement this. Gift Cards for Christmas, St Valentine.
    Send out emails to your existing clients 1 week before the special occasion to remember them.
    Add displays in your restaurant, upfront and explain t your guests they can offer a St Valentine dinner from there phone or sofa.

    Let us know how those 2 ideas worked for you.
    In case you don’t offer Gift Voucher Online yet, check out Gift Voucher Kiosk

    10 reasons why YOU, as a biz., will profit when signing up on this cool platform

    Some can seen this post is pure publicity. In some way it is. It is publicity of some success we had in our startup and I am happy to share some examples. Our team really did analyse and mostly talked with the market and (local) businesses to find out what they (and not we) needed and most important to understand what blocks them to sign up or what makes them sign up.
    Result: 734 companies signed up the last 3 months.

    1. Free Subscription
    Subscription, is free, you can close down your account at any moment without costs.

    2. No Credit Card Costs
    we take care of the credit card costs from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

    3. No Technical Implementation
    Create your profile online and you can start offering your vouchers.

    4. Free Publicity
    Once subscribed, we will promote your venue to future clients via our different channels.

    5. Free Tools
    Get free tools to manage all your vouchers, offline and online. As well get some tips and insights to sell more vouchers from experts

    6. Full control over information
    You have simple access to the client information of the your vouchers sold.

    7. Statistics and Insights
    Statistics and Insight on your Sold Gift Vouchers Insights & Statistics
    Follow up who is buying when, what, where,.. Those statistics will give you a better overview how to promote your vouchers in the right and effective way

    8. Fraud Prevention
    We work together with the world leaders of online secure payments, Stripe and we introduced several fraud prevention techniques so you will not offer the same product / service twice.

    9. EASY: No technical technical knowledge needed
    Add your Gift Certificate button on your website or blog in minutes.
    Offering online payments can be difficult and expensive to implement if you only sell only a few vouchers a month. And don’t forget the maintenance, fraud detection and much more.
    You take care of the clients, we take care of the technical part.

    10. Stress-less for your Clients
    Your clients have several solutions to receive the Gift Voucher. Even immediately via Email. They also get a confirmation of the payment.
    The less stress your clients have, the more they will buy.

    Because we give them a guarantee that if we do nothing, if we sell nothing, they pay nothing. Only when our partners make money, we take a percentage lower then what they give their best clients. (Max 10% included all credit card costs).

    Because of those simple rules, we are able to sign up on a daily bases new business all over the world.

    What are your tips to sign up partners? What is your success story?

    The website I am talking about?

    Indulge your friends with a (birthday) gift from a local shop on Facebook

    Facebook Gifts

    I am sure you get notifications on Facebook when your friends birthday is coming up and yes, you can send your friend a message to congratulate him/her…..

    Now you can treat your friend with a gift from a local shop, spa, restaurant,…. or choose from your friends favorites shops list, not to give ever again a wrong present.

    How to get this as first?
    1.Bring me to Facebook >>
    2.Invite your friends
    3.Create your own wishlist

    PS We started with Geneva, opening more kiosks soon, so please install the app as we will push the places with the “current city” and the first 100 people gets a chf 10 on their Gift Voucher Kiosk Account

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