Restaurants & Gift Vouchers – a great opportunity

Café Des Sources Offering Gift Vouchers in there restaurants as a new innovative way to get more clients

Wondering how Gift Vouchers could be of use to your restaurant? Did you know that restaurant gift cards are the third most popular type of online gift cards among consumers buying online?

More and more restaurants are turning to selling gift vouchers through online platforms to grow their revenue.


As a restaurant owner, the standard marketing options open to you are mostly print-based: local newspapers, specialised press, restaurant guides etc. Often it is hard to gauge the real return of your marketing investment.

Alternatively, you can work with Groupon (or other local Groupon clones) and offer significant discounts to bring in more clients, which will give you more exposure but at a high cost.

A new solution is to offer Gift Cards to generate more sales, profit and When people love your restaurant, they will talk about it and share their enthusiasm. This enthusiasm is the best type of publicity. This is where Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare etc. come in. However, it is still hard to translate online coverage into new customers actually engaging with your business.

Now imagine if a customer who has enjoyed your restaurant decided to send EUR 20 to a best friend to try out your restaurant for her birthday. The friend will visit your restaurant, have a good time and likely spend more than the EUR 20 value of the gift card.

Many people find Gift Vouchers a perfect alternative to buying a gift. By offering service, your clients will be happy and have less stress the next time they need a gift voucher for a Birthday, Mothers’ day, Christmas, Thanksgiving or even a wedding. At the same time, you benefit by having increased your sales.


Setting up a system to offer Gift Vouchers poses some technical challenges:

  • You need a clear online template on your website
  • You need to make sure all transactions are secured (via Visa,Amex, PayPal, etc.)
  • You need a reliable, fast and client-friendly follow up system, to make sure the client has paid, that the voucher has been sent, etc.
  • You need a Fraud Detection & Prevention system, from Credit Card fraud to Voucher Security

Alternatively, you can subscribe for free on Gift Voucher Kiosk and copy 1 simple link on to your website. No technical knowledge is needed, while security, easy follow up, insights and much more are all included.

With Gift Voucher Kiosk you can sell your gift vouchers online and increase revenue in an easy and secure way

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3 years ago, I bought a local business, a Spa in Geneva (Switzerland). My life changed completely as before I was a consultant offering my services to banks, international companies, governments and organisations.
Buying a local business is different and one of the main reasons why it is different is local business don’t have budget and time

After 3 years, we doubled+ the Profit and doubled the Turn Over of the spa and I will tell you my “secrets” how I grown my business without budget and with easy tools, as well I will provide mostly free solutions you can implement instantly to your business.

Like in books, I want to thank my wife, Maria Timonina to give me this opportunity to make it work and be away from home a lot and coming home late and to my kids, Maxim and Alexander I hope you choose your own life but when you go into business, I hope this posts will let you continue instead of inventing the wheel again. To all my friends who gave me inspiration especially Selim Evin, Alex Ouziel and Bart Pycke.

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The most common mistake to avoid related to Gift Cards

Orginal post on Gift Voucher Kiosk

We talked to thousands of merchants all over the world as we are promoting our gift card (free) solution.
Of course, we are analyzing and listening to those merchants and we discovered that far too many business owners see Gift cards as a simple alternative to paper gift certificates. Most of them invested in a cloed loop Gift Card system and end up very dissapointed and don’t push their Gift Card program.

We also found out that those merchants have nothing in store that would alert customers that they have a gift card program, they don’t promote their gift card system in connection with any other form of communicating like newsetters, direct mailings, newspaper ads, ect.. they don’t make gift cards part of the company culture.

It is no coincidence that all mayor big players incorporate gift cards into every aspect of their business. They make Gift cards part of every marketing campaign and make sure in-store it is visible. It is part of their company culture and this is why gift cards are one of their more successful and cost-effective customers acquisition and retention tools.

5 Ideas to promote your gift cards and acquire more clients

  • Direct Email Include always a link to to offer a gift voucher in your direct email with a client (also in replies)
  • Website Make sure a link to offer a gift voucher is well present (on top93% of consumers said they intend to purchase Gift Cards within the next year) of the website. We see to often a link at the bottom of the website but Gift Cards generate sales and new clients, why would you hide it?
  • Window You store isn’t open 24h a day and your customers don’t always have time to enter your store, so make sure you add publicity on the window so people know you offer gift vouchers online
  • Waiting room, Dressing room, Cash registry, Toilets Every place in your store, spa, restaurant,… where people have to wait, make sure they see that guide them to your Gift Cards
  • Social Media: Why not regularly promote your Gift cards via Twitter Facebook, instagram, Google+….. Make sure in the About on Facebook you add a link to offer Gift Certificates


  • Studies shows that people actually spend 30% more when using a Gift card, this is known as uplift (or up selling)
  • 93% of consumers said they intend to purchase Gift Cards within the next year
  • Birthdays and Winter Holidays are the top occasions for Gift Card giving
  • What is your excuse not to push Gift Cards more?
    Have a look at for more details on how we can help you. We offer a solution where we only take a very small commission when you sold gift vouchers. (Yes very small, we don’t talk about 25% r 50% or more, but much less, we are not Groupon)

    6 most asked questions + answers (related to Gift cards and Gift Voucher Kiosk platform)

    As we often saw the same questions coming back related to our Gift Voucher Kiosk platform, we decided to create a small recap.
    (For all of you who signed up already, sorry for the double information)

    Q1: Do you send out a gift voucher on our behalf branded with our logo etc?
    Yes, we brand the gift voucher on your behalf, with your logo, your conditions, your address etc.
    At any moment you can update your images, logo, etc.

    Q2: Do you sell our packages for example in your website for the same price as we would sell in ours? Or you work like the other companies selling for a discounted price?
    ​We sell at the same price. If a product / service costs €100, we sell at €100
    We are not like Groupon, or other deal websites.​ We ask no reduction, no minimum number of vouchers.
    ​We are selling vouchers like you would sell at your counter

    Q3: When do we get paid out?
    In Ireland we pay out instantly within the 48h (Other countries when the client redeems the voucher.)
    ​For accountancy reasons, you can decide to get paid out daily, weekly, or monthly.
    Some partners ​don’t want to get small amounts on the account , so we group for them. What is easiest and best for you.

    ​Q4: How do we know when a voucher is sold?
    When we sell a voucher of your business, you get immediately an email, you have real time access on your Dashboard as well.​
    When we pay out the vouchers, you also gets an email with the details.

    ​Q5: Do we have access to the voucher information, like who bought the voucher, we will receives the voucher etc.?
    Yes, our philosophy is that they are your clients. So you will have access to their email address, name, buyer, recipients, ……​

    ​Q6: How are you marketeer our gift voucher in your kiosk?
    We have several ways to promote our Kiosk to people in and around Dublin, Online and Offline.
    To see how we are growing in Dublin:


    You ​Still ​have questions, ask them here or email us : or SUBSCRIBE >>

    Every Business Should Be Offering Gift Cards

    Gift-Marketing2 (1)
    Have you noticed that almost every big chain offers online Gift Cards?
    Have you noticed that the smaller independents, be they retail stores, restaurants, or even hair salons, far too many don’t offer online gift cards?

    Gift Cards make life easier for most of your customers, so why the smaller and medium companies don’t offer it? Is it ignorance for the shops owners? It isn’t a matter of economics as several free to very cheap solutions are available on the market.

    Selling Gift Cards is not a casual consumer purchase, selling Gift Cards is a securing your future.
    Research shows that customers who buy gift vouchers online, buys on average 6 a year. Why? Because it makes their (busy) life easy.
    As bonus, you make 2 customers happy.

    Always remember that consumer will be in your store, online or in person. You don’t want to miss a sale?
    So if you want to make your clients happy, make their life easy.

    If your business sends out newsletters, gift cards are a good way to leverage those newsletters. Good newsletters offers information about your product or service. With Gift Cards you can make your customers pay upfront. => ACTION

    I own a local business, a spa, in every email I send out, every newsletter (any communication almost), I add a link to offer a Gift Card and we sell a lot more. The spa Turn Over went up with 23%

    Do you offer Gift Cards? Le me know in the comments with a link to your online Gift Cards Website
    If not and are interested, subscribe for free :

    What is your excuse not to offer online Gift cards to your customers?

    Why Betjeman & Barton in Switzerland decided to move to Gift Voucher Kiosk

    Betjeman-Barton - Gift Vouchers
    As Co-founder, I am happy to announce that Betjeman & Barton in Switzerland moved their Gift Cards 100% to our platform Gift Voucher Kiosk.

    Betjeman & Barton have been tea merchants since 1919, the HQ is based in Paris. In Switzerland, it is distributed from Carouge / Geneva.
    In Geneva/Carouge, they also have a nice tea shop. And of course many people visit the shop to buy a voucher to offer tea to their friends and family.

    As many shops, follow up all gift vouchers, isn’t that easy. Certainly not on paper. And when you have a lot of people, finding all vouchers back fast is important.

    When Mrs Veronique and I met the first time, we discussed the possibilities, she got an presentation how she can benefit from our platform and she signed.

    The main reasons we gave her, and she thought are important for her business

    1. Free, No investment needed
    2. Easy use of the Gift Manager, so the staff concentrates on selling and client service
    3. Fraud prevention, we showed her how easy it was to verify a voucher was real
    4. Statistics, she had in 1 click a good overview of how many certificates where sold, how many where redeemed, when people bought the voucher etc. Transparency
    5. We take care of sending the vouchers by post is requested, even less workload for her staff

    If you are interested on how our platform can help you increase sales and reduce workload
    please visit. Https://

    Tea Giftvouchers of Betjeman & Barton